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Past Visiting Artists

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2019-Barbara Balzer(芭芭拉·鮑爾澤)

Creative experience

1. 2011 X Bienal Internacional, Spain   Presidentde la Generalitat/First Place

2. 2012 Association A.I.R., Vallauris, France      Workshop Instructor

3. 2009 Florida Museum of Women Artists      Inaugural Exhibition

4. 2017 Florida Gulf Coast University Invitation      Solo Invitational Exhibition

5. 2017 Creta Rome, Italy Residency Exhibition       Artist in Residence

6. 2017 Macon Museum of Art    Permanent Collection

7. 2017 International Ceramic Art and Perception my work in Sept 2010, June 2017 articles

8. 2018 Wiregrass Museum  Biennale Exhibition

9. 2011 Cifrapolota, Hungary       3rd International Triennial of Silicate

10. 2016 Solo Installation, "Make Me Laugh"    Gallery 621, Tallahassee, Florida

Amor Fati He Whispered, 2018, 陶土, 56*46*23 cm Amor Fati He Whispered, 2018, 陶土, 56*46*23 cm

Project proposal

I propose to conduct several workshops to demonstrate how to sculpt a head from a cube of clay. I use medical charts to demonstrate how it is important to sculpt what you see, not what you THINK you see. After participants are comfortable locating features on the face, they will learn to add "the intelligence". Participants will be asked to sculpt a self-portrait or the head of a family member, neighbor or favorite character from a fable or fairy tale. Then we will sit in a circle and each participant will write down the title of their work. Then each person will pass their work to the right and the next person will write what they think a good title would be for the work. Each work will be passed to the right until everyone has written down a title for each work offered. Then each will share their titles for each work and explain their reasoning. This will help particioants learn how important a title can be in communicating an idea and generate a diverse spectrum of responses.

Contributions to Yingge local community

I will conduct a series of workshops to educate participants to sculpt a human head and by just changing a few gestures, show how one can communicate a spectrum of emotions. I will encourage participants to sculpt a self-portrait or a portrait of a family member exaggerating a chosen feature, or maybe writing script of their favorite poem all over the head. All the heads, which will undoubtedly range in scale, color and intention, will be gahtered together at the end of the residency to be installed as a crowd exhibition.

Residency outcome


donated works

The Lost Horse or Blessings in DisguiseGiving Monkey the Moon’s Reflection

Residency outcome