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Past Visiting Artists

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2019-Sanghee Suh(徐尚希)

Creative experience

1.  2019 Clayarch Winter International Ceramic Art Camp, Clayarch Gimhae Museum, Korea

2.  2018 MFA candidate, Hongik University Graduate School of Ceramics, Korea


3.  2019 Asia International Ceramic Exchange Exhibition , Clayarch Gimhae Museum, Korea

4.  2019 Missing Link , Hongik University Museum of Modern Arts, Korea

5.  2018 Seodaemoon Inn Art Fair, Seodaemoon Inn, Korea

6. 2018 33cube project exhibition, Haeng-hwa-tang, Korea

Frida, 2019, stoneware, glaze, engobe, 90 x 70 x 79 cmFrida, 2019, stoneware, glaze, engobe, 90 x 70 x 79 cm

Artist Statement

Anatomical fairy tale

In the anatomical fairy tale, the human body and its organs are a metaphor for the uncomfortable truths that we spend our life running away from. We cannot eternally rely on our ageing parents, even if we mostly pretend that we can. Or the inherent fragility of my artistic position. One moment I am in graduate school focussing on abstract artistic values. The next I am being confronted with the material realities of the struggling artist. Like a shock of time, the realization came to me with great fear. Becoming an adult means accepting these uncomfortable truths. I adapt it to a fairy tale made of clay.


Love is blue

As a young girl, my image of love was that of Prince Charming who would appear one day, swipe me off my feet and we would be happy forever after. There might be some temporary adversity along the way, but it would be overcome and love would always and forever triumph. This was a thrilling and captivating fantasy. It implied that through love my imperfect being would be rendered perfect.

In this imaginary landscape love is recognized as warmth and beauty. It is a deep red. Yet fantasies such as these are confronted one day with reality and a measure of enlightenment must eventually set in. In fact, love was far from perfect. Sometimes it hurt and frightened me. Slowly it became bitter and painful. Like the so named feeling, love turned blue.

Residency outcome



donated work

Happily ever after

Residency process