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Past Visiting Artists

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2019-Sunae Kim(金善愛)

Creative experience

1.   Collaboration with Jo Malone London (Development and production for the Cream jugs for Korea Boutique), S. Korea, 2018

2.   The Colour of Akron, Folk Hall Gallery, University of Akron, Ohio, USA, 2017

3.   Second Memorise, Lina Gallery, Seoul, S. Korea, 2016

4.   Korea Young Revolution, Gallery Huue, Singapore, 2015

5.   Quotidian: Encounter of everyday (solo show), Mokspace, London, UK, 2014

6.   Pots and Possibilities, Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archeology, UCL, London, 2014

7.   Hot Rookies, Kyeonggi International Ceramic Biennial, Hot Rookies, Incheon, South Korea, 2013

8.   London Calling, Orange County Centre for Contemporary Art, LA, United States, 2012

9.   2011/12 Fall/Winter Paris Fashion Week, Alexander McQueen (Look 29,30 and Shoes 39,40), Paris, France, 2011

10. Korean, Chinese and Japanese Artists Group Exhibition, Hagi Uragami Museum, Japan, 2010

11.Slick 10, (With Cynthia Corbette Gallery), Palais de Tokyo and Musée d'Art moderne de la Ville de Paris Esplanade, Paris – France, 2010

Since Eve Ate Apples Much Depends on Dinner, 2017, Bone China, Theatrical Display  Since Eve Ate Apples Much Depends on Dinner, 2017, Bone China, Theatrical Display

Project proposal

The aim of this proposed project is to design functional ceramic objects for presenting Taiwanese food. This will be carried out in a perspective of culinary art and to develop forms which show the beauty of Taiwanese-inspired food from my language of ceramics and serve as a canvas for the works. By functional objects, it may include dinning elements such as tableware, cutlery, table accessories.

 I am a ceramic artist, a researcher and writer. I have been working with clay professionally since 2010 in London and also started to pursue my career as a food director with my sister who is a chef. We run flavoured-based experience projects, classes, culinary research and catering for art museums. As a ceramic artist, I am very versatile but, often functional ware design was not my main focus in my practice although I have experiences to develop gift functional wares with Wedgwood, Jo Malone London and the Waddeson Manor in the UK. Likewise, with my experiences and interests the relationship between food and ceramics are always visualised one thing to another. Therefore, this themed -based residency will be a great opportunity for me to challenge myself and push my career further.

 Dinning is beyond eating. It includes different aspects from history, society, and culture: family, friendship, diplomacy, loyalty, showing off, seduction, consumerism and even more. It shows the personality of the host and guest around the table. By contrast, dinning alone also offers its own enticements and a chance to enjoy flavour by pausing the moment from other surroundings.

I would like to start with the idea how local food has been developed, consumed and what it means to the local community in New Taipei City today. This will be followed by intensive research through archival materials from local library and museum as well as words of mouth from residents in the City.   

     I strongly feel that the opportunity what the Yingge Ceramics Museum would provide through the residency program would be challenge for me in a positive way to be inspired through cultural exchange. In fact, I have applied this residency program past years and feel that this year’s themes are highly suitable for my practice. I believe that this opportunity is not just one of the residency experiences for me, this will be opening door and turning point to expand my career in Asia because I have been mainly working in Europe besides Korea. As much as I would love to join the program this year, I am ready to dedicate my time and creative energy into the project. I will also use my blog and social media channels to record my time in the place.

In addition, I will try to find a possibility that some designs will become a product and distribute on a wide market in Taiwan with a help and advice with vibrant team of Yingge. I see the final result of new body of work will show innovation, aesthetic beauty on the table and marketable potentials.

Contributions to Yingge local community

I believe the themed-residency from the Yingge Ceramics Museum is offering solely new experience based on the reality of cultural design and communicating ideas with community. In conjunction with the project I have chosen, I believe the power of making with local community is a strong element for my theme.  For contributions from/to the locals are mainly consist of creative workshops. There are two participatory workshops/events I propose. 

Public Kitchen Workshop

Simply speaking, it is a cooking workshop. But this is not that simple thought behind it. Cooking and eating are very close to the essence of our daily life and it may offers an opportunity for creativity. It is the most common experience but at the same time, it would be a meaningful starting point of inspiration on the table. Food gives you the time to concentrate while making and pleasure to someone’s weary daily life. It is not just introductory cooking class to introduce the recipe, it is a dedicated performing event and serve the public in a means of the unique presentation. While cooking, haptic experience with ingredients, ceramics, tools and other people’s hands is to create the spirit of togetherness.


For this workshop, I would like to invite my sister who is a culinary artist/ chef and co-lead workshop together. Further details can be discussed later with the staffs.



MAKE IT: Social D.I.Y Workshop


The similar version of this workshop was led by myself and performed in Seoul in December 2017 with a fund by Seoul City to increase the awareness of the importance of work-life balance by experiencing craft in a daily life. The invited guests were to create their own dinner by using various ingredients provided and present onto my ceramic wares as a collaborative experience. Drawing onto my ceramic ware with food colouring, sauce, penned chocolate was also applied. The key action process was deriven from the process of making ceramics. i.e. design, paint, handbuild, decorate etc.

I would like to propose to take this previous workshop further and deeper to local audiences with Yingge. The result will be interesting to see how the cultural difference would response.


Besides these two workshops, I would love to participate public lecture or activities that Yingge Ceramics Museum arranges during the residency if appropriate. 

Residency outcome


donated work

Taiwan Everyday: Yingge Pattern

Residency process