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The Museum

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About the Museum

New Taipei City Yingge Ceramics Museum opened on November 26, 2000 and is Taiwan’s first ceramics-themed museum. It is dedicated to the research, curation, preservation, and maintenance of Taiwan’s ceramics culture and art while performing work in exhibition and education. The Museum actively engages in international exchange by inviting international resident artists, joining the International Council of Museums, and becoming reciprocal museums with museums in Germany and Spain. Yingge Ceramics Museum is committed to bringing the beauty of Taiwan’s ceramics to the world and showcasing the energy of Taiwan’s ceramics culture and ceramic art.

Director's Welcome

Yingge has more than two hundred years of history in producing ceramics and is the ceramics capital of Taiwan. In 2000, New Taipei City government selected Yingge for Taiwan’s first ceramics-themed museum, with goals to develop local tourism, drive the transformation of the ceramics industry in Yingge, and provide a platform for showcasing and exchanging achievements in Taiwan’s ceramic art. As a specialized ceramics museum, Yingge Ceramics Museum has assumed the responsibilities of preserving knowledge in ceramics, reviving the ceramics industry, and promoting ceramic art. With full dedication, we engage in ceramics research, curation, and education while continuing international exchange, coordinating local industries, promoting cultural diversity and equal rights, and enriching lifestyles with the aesthetics of ceramics, thus elevating Taiwan’s ceramics industry and ceramic art to the global arena.

Hsiu-Tzu Wu, Director of New Taipei City Yingge Ceramics Museum



Manage affairs at the museum while directing and supervising the staff.


Assist the director in the management, supervision, and execution of the affairs at the museum.

Collection & Exhibition Dept.

The acquisition, research and collection of ceramic works; the planning, design, execution, maintenance and management of exhibitions related to the culture of ceramics.

Educational Promotion Dept.

The planning, design and execution of educational activities and the promotion events relayed to ceramics.

Marketing Dept.

The marketing of goods and products of the Museum, customer services, news and media, community relations, and culture-based tourism.

Operation & Administration Dept.

Research and evaluation, legislation, archives, purchase, cash receipt recording, maintenance, building management, security, information management, admissions, and matters that fall outside of the responsibilities of the other units.


Manage annual and regular budgets as per law, takes statistics.

Personnel Administration

Manage the personnel as per law.