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Past Visiting Artists

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2019-Jakub Biewald(雅各·比瓦爾德)

Living Form, 2017, Shamot clay, 65*50*35 cm Living Form, 2017, Shamot clay, 65*50*35 cm

Creative experience

1. Sculpture studies (Specialization: Ceramics), at Nicolai Copernici Universitas in Torun (Poland), 2009-2014,

2. PhD studies in Ceramics, at Wroclaw Accademy of Fine Arts and Design, 2014-2018

3. Cyprus Ancient Art, Ceramic Workshop at Paphos 2017 (European Capital of Culture) during Erasmus + Internships Program.

4. Sculpture studies at Accademia di Belle Arti di Palermo (Italy), Erasmus program, 2010-2011,

5. Participation in 51th International Ceramics and Sculpture Symposium, Boleslawiec (Poland) 2015

6. Participation in international symposium Ceramic Laboratory at Daugavpils (Latvia), 2017,

7. Participation in annual plainairs of Tongkama woodfiring kiln in Luboradow in Poland (2015, 2016, 2017)

8. Participation in “Together” project, leading ceramic workshops for disabled children, Wroclaw 2017.

9. Leading projects: “Touch of fire” and “Play with fire!” while international “Festival of High Temperatures”, Wroclaw (2017, 2018).

Living Form, 2017, Shamot clay, 65*50*35 cm Living Form, 2017, Shamot clay, 65*50*35 cm

Project Proposal

I would like to create collection of several organic abstract forms. All of them will be a part of a big scale in-stallation, but every piece could exist as indywidual form as well. In creation process I depend on universal observations of natural laws and the elements, I would like to use throwing wheel, to found dynamism, listen-ing carefully to the clay and natural forces. Then I would like to combine that forms with a Taiwan environ-ment, looking for an inspiration in local beauty of nature, culture and traditions. Another step would be pre-senting that artworks in chosen time and palces in Taiwan, as a kind of weather phenomena, some mysterious miracles. It seems very interesting how that organic forms will appear in natural environment or in rural land-scape. I will also make photographs to immortalize that situations and include them as a part of final exhibi-tion. That photos could be also use in promotion, hope it would be possible to put them together in publication. 

Contributions to Yingge local community

I can offer lecture about polish art or about my PhD subject: “Record of growing. Clay as a medium to understand universal laws of nature.”, I can offer also lecture about my experiences of some ceramic traditions in places that I visited before. I can lead workshops of making organic abstract forms, with a short lecture about most important rules, then sketching and creating huge ceramic work in teams for example. It will take few days but could give interesting effects. Maybe, if photographic part of my project will be suitable for you, I can make some group performative actions with ceramics also, work with long exposure in photography, to create magical pictures around ceramic forms. I am open to discuss about yours needs, what would you appreciate the most. I am open for any suggestions.

Residency outcome


donated work

Anatomy of Everything

Dance with Form

Residency process