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Past Visiting Artists

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2020-Kwanho Woo(禹寬壕)

Creative experience

1.  2019 Dot Museum Boundary of Daily

2.  Professor of Hongik University, Korea

3.  2018   Du art space Solo Exhibition, Chongqing, China

4.  2018   Humanism-Poem of Earth for Human, Clayarch Gimhae Museum

5.  2018   HOMA   Asia Contemporary Ceramic Exhibition

6.  2017  Director, Korea World Ceramic Biennale

7.  2016  JuryTaiwan Int’l Ceramic Biennale

8.  2013  Chairman, Planning committee Cheongju Int’l Craft Biennale

9.  2004~present  Curator Asia Contemporary Ceramic Exhibition.

10.     Ten times solo exhibition in Korea, Japan

11.     2012 JuryMino Int’l Ceramic Triennale in Japan


10 times Solo exhibitions in Korea, Japan
200 times Inviting exhibitions in Korea, Japan, the United States, China, Europe etc.
Published 50 thesis and writing Art Publications

Project Proposal

This project aims to break down the boundaries between people and art, artist and viewer, and analog and digital. It seeks communication between art and regular people’s lives. The project works like this: someone receives one of my props as a “presents,” and then they place it somewhere and take a photo of it—just a quick shot, nothing too serious—or take a photo of it alongside other objects. After that, they “presents” the photos back to me, and I post them on social media. Finally, the photos are printed and exhibited in the museum gallery.
The main motifs in my work are human heads and tanuki. The head motif signifies human nature. As a local mascot in Shigaraki that brings good luck and wealth, tanuki (Japanese for raccoon) symbolizes human instinct. In addition, besides the meaning of " presents," 

Contributions to Yingge local community

1. participants: every Taiwanese

2. timeline: once a 2 weeks(limited to 100 people once)

3. Completed works will be returned to the museum after a period of exhibition.

Residency outcome

I'm Artist also

Ten Thousand Gift

Residency process

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