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Past Visiting Artists

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2020-HSIEH Bin-Yan(謝秉諺)

Creative experience

1. 2019 Taiwan Ceramics Award, The Creative Award, Recommendation Award

2. 2019 ART in PARK HOTEL TOKYO", Park Hotel

3. 2018 Finalist, Nan Ying Award ,Cultural Affairs Bureau, Tainan City

4. 2018 Finalist, Art Osaka, Hotel Granvia Osaka, Japan

5. 2018 Solo Exhibition, Fantastic Beasts, Dome Orange Humanistic Stronghold

6. 2017 Finalist, 3th Taiwan Young Pottery Artist Award & Biennale, National Palace Museum and Global Strategy Investment Fund

7. 2017 Korea International Art Fair

Project Proposal

The robot dog is one of my profound toys when I was a child. Under the general development of AI artificial intelligence, I imagined the appearance of puppies and animals in the future. Machinery, armor and certain weapon elements seem to have a common connection with the development of world civilization. But the only thing missing is "emotion." In the future, when human beings generally have a high degree of artificial intelligence, whether there is the possibility of disappearing between people's emotions.

In my creation, I chose to use ceramics as the main medium. Ceramic soil is the enduring product of nature. My use of ceramic media to create is a documentary creation. It can also be said to be a kind of speculation and worry. Understand the unprecedented contradiction between "humans" and "objects".

To execute content:

1. First, prepare the required glaze, and study the specifications and operation modes of the kiln equipment in the studio.

2. Construct the sketches of the series of works and make small works

3. The second batch of works constructed drafts and produced large-scale works

4. Implement local plans

Contributions to Yingge local community

Residency outcome

donated work

Residency process

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