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Past Visiting Artists

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2020-HUANG Wei-Chien(黃偉茜)

Creative experience

2019 Jatiwangi Art Factory, Jatiwangi, Indonesia

2019 Free StyleXIV International  Biennial of ceramics of 2019Portugal Selected

2018 Repose II38 CICA International Competition of L'Alcora SpainSpecial Award

2017 Gyeonggi International Ceramic  Biennale  2017IcheonKorea

2017 Pray: Cherishing LifeEKWCNetherland

2016 Cat urnsCeramic New Product Award Creative Design Award

2016 Strolling Slowly, New Taipei City Yingge Ceramics Museum, Taiwan

2015 Young Art of KaohsiungPier 2KaohsiungTaiwan

2014 The Shigaraki Ceramic Cultural ParkShigarakiJapan

Project proposal

"The Me of Paths"


1. Thinking: The "Free Pose-Crazy Grass" series originated from my interest in the physical movements of modern dancers interest. Thinking about the body movements again, where do I find it interesting? It's not Fei Li's dance style or dance skills, but "path". Between the dancer's last movement and the next movement, the air flow drawn by the hand in the air, the state of the foot jumping in the air, the invisible path triggered my imagination. These "negative spaces" are invisible, but they are important molecules that make up the overall fluency. I can’t help but wonder: What are the paths that make up "me"? Is myself made up of those invisible movements? I want to study this in this village.

Contributions to Yingge local community

lectures for about 20 people, about 2~3 hours

Project conception: share the creative ideas and techniques, from the application of the mobile app to the creation of one's own records.

Residency outcome


Quantum path

Residency process

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