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San-Ying Utopia

Walking ClayWalking Clay

Walking Clay

Kung Wen-yi , 2009

This work explores the ideas of “walking in clay, in the form of clay,” merging itself with the environment by interpreting the process of pottery as the journey of a body. It also reflects on the two hundred years of the ceramics industry in Yingge, which has developed into a rich culture and a strong bond between the land and the people.

Life in CeramicsLife in Ceramics

Life in Ceramics

“Life in Ceramics” is an ensemble work that blends into the mound. Randomly placed plates are embedded into the ground. There are also a coffee cup set and a spoon in which one can sit. These recreations of everyday items create the quality of a lifestyle.

A King’s Staff - 1804A King’s Staff - 1804

A King’s Staff - 1804

Shih Hsuan-yu , 2009

The ceramics industry in Yingge began in 1804 CE. More than 200 years later, it has become Taiwan’s most essential hub of ceramic products. This work is based on the most important tool for a potter. By magnifying, it uses simple visual vocabulary to tell the story of Yingge’s culture and history of ceramics while symbolizing Yingge’s kingly significance in the world.

Clay BodyClay Body

Clay Body

Lin Shuen-long , 2009

The artist aimed to create a silent space with the form of a clay body on a spinning potter’s wheel. The light that shines down from the top of the body creates a womb-like space where life begins. Life spins as it comes out of Mother Earth. This work embodies land, water, and the strength of our ancestors while reflecting the passage of time in culture, which has written one brilliant page after another in Taiwan’s ceramics history.