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Public art

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The Colorful CloudsThe Colorful Clouds

The Colorful Clouds

Liu Chen-chou, 2000

This work is situated on the left of the pond of the museum, with colorful ceramic clouds of various shapes and sizes. Their gradient in height and density creates a lively view.

The Arch of Millennium The Arch of Millennium

The Arch of Millennium

Chiu Huan-tang, 2000

Situated on the right of the Museum’s pond, this work combines the form of a rainbow and an arch, creating interesting spatial layers with simple artistry and strength.



Tsang Cheung-shing , 2012

I have transformed clay into various forms of water splashes to represent the achievement progress of Yingge Ceramics Museum. This installation includes a set of twelve porcelain made water splashes, each growing bigger and stronger than the previous one, to symbolize the success which the museum has accumulated for the past twelve years.