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New Taipei City Yingge Ceramics Museum Application Exhibition

To encourage the variety of ceramic creations and elevate the standard of ceramic industry design, the New Taipei City Yingge Ceramics Museum is welcoming exhibition propositions to be displayed in the Sunlight Gallery and the Ceramics Hallway. Any individual or group of creators is welcomed to submit their application for an exhibition so that the Yingge Ceramics Museum becomes a platform to share the works with others.


How to apply

1. Qualification: Any individual, group or curator interested in creating ceramic work.

2. Theme of the works: No theme, subject or size of the work is imposed. The works should be principally made with clay (clay must be more than 50% of the whole work).

3. The three categories of application are: creation and curatorial and industry.

(1)Creation: Including applications for individual exhibition, double individual exhibition or group exhibition.

(2)Curatorial: Exhibition plan submitted by a curator or a group of curator.

(3)IndustrySeries of products created in recent two years by an individual studio, a ceramic design company or a ceramic factory. (Exhibited products should be self-made ones rather than all products from studios, companies or factories and OEM products.)


4. How to apply:

(1)Documents to provide for application:

a. Plan for exhibition (fill in table 1)

b. Documents on the works to be shown (fill in table 2)

c. Provide pictures of 10 to 20 pieces to be presented, do not exceed 20 pieces. Pictures from various angles of one piece are welcomed. Maximum 30 pictures for one application.

d. Format of the pictures:

Digital pictures: The definition should be 300dpi, 1-2MB and jpg format, please specify the title of the piece, the year of creation, its dimension and the materials it is made of. Please mail it to

(2)Application Period: Effective from 1st of May to 30th of July, 2021.

(3)Registration method: by Internet

Please download the application form from the website: and mail it to before the deadline. “Application for YCM Exhibition” should be specified in the subject. Once you receive the confirmation letter, the registration is successful.



1. The Yingge Ceramics Museum will be in charge of forming a group of jury that will include ceramics specialists, scholars and representatives from the museum. The group of jury of five persons will decide on which series of works to present.

2. The list of applicants accepted to exhibit will be announced in October. It will be displayed on the Yingge Ceramics Museum’s website http://www.ceramics.ntpc. . The chosen applicants will also be notified by e-mail or phone call.


Rights on the exhibition

1. Principle: The pieces of work to be exhibited should correspond to the original applied project once that the applications have been approved by the jury members. If the pieces of works were to be replaced, only 20% from which is allowed.

2. Agreement: The approved applicants, either individuals or groups, can proceed to work on the exhibition area only after signing the exhibition agreement with the Yingge Ceramics Museum.

3. The exhibition location: The locations allowed for exhibition are the Sunlight Gallery on the first floor of the museum and the Ceramics Hallway on the first basement. The jury group will give suggestions on the most suitable places to present the pieces of works. The Yingge Ceramics Museum will decide the exhibition location.

4. Time of exhibition: All of the exhibitions will be held from the year of 2022 to 2023. Each theme of the exhibition will last between 30 and 60 days. The time needed to set up the site before the exhibition and to clean up afterwards should take one to two days each (the museum will be in charge of coordinating the time for each exhibition).

5. Transportation and insurance: The transportation and insurance fee during the shipping of the pieces of work is at the expenses of the applicant. The Yingge Ceramics Museum will be in charge of the insurance during the exhibition. The highest insurance value of each exhibition session is NT$2,000,000. Higher amount of insurance value will be at the expenses of the applicant.

6. Propaganda: The exhibiting ceramists should provide an article of 250 to 300 words in order to explain the theme of the exhibition, as well as instructions on the pieces (title, dimension, year of creation etc). The Yingge Ceramics Museum will be in charge of publishing press releases, introduction, illustration and other propaganda materials. The exhibition location may not post propaganda that are not produced by the Yingge Ceramics Museum.

7. Exhibition hall: The museum is equipped with various sizes of pedestals. The design of the site will be commonly decided by the exhibiting ceramist and the museum authorities. The exhibiting ceramist is responsible for additional platforms, setups and the additional cost. The exhibiting ceramist is requested to be on-site during the setting up and the cleaning up of the exhibition area to accomplish both tasks together.

8. Exhibits: To maintain the standard of the museum exhibitions, exhibits should be fired and be based on the principle of not easily broken and damaged. If exhibits are fragile, the Yingge Ceramics Museum has the right not to exhibit. If the exhibiting ceramist agrees to sign the consent to confirm fragile exhibits not be insured, exhibits could display. After contacting exhibiting ceramist, the museum may re-arrange and adjust the number of the exhibits, exhibiting ceramist cannot object.

9. Activities: If the exhibition involves an opening ceremony or tea party, please contact the Yingge Ceramics Museum for assistance. The exhibiting ceramist is responsible for the expense and need to give the guest list to the museum 7 days before the opening. It is not allowed to conduct business activities at the exhibition location.



1.In case that the applicant is not able of presenting his/her works on time or gives up the opportunity to exhibit the works in the Yingge Ceramics Museum, it should be submitted to the museum six months before the exhibition. The applicant is considered waiving his/her rights. If the applicant hasn’t gone through related application procedures causing the exhibition to delay, the applicant is also considered as waiving his/her rights of exhibiting the works and will be banned from applying for the museum’s exhibition for three years.

2. In order to equally allocate the museum’s resources, the exhibiting ceramist will not be allowed to apply for an exhibition in the Yingge Ceramics Museum within two years.


Contact us

New Taipei City Yingge Ceramics Museum, Department of Collection and Exhibition

Address: No. 200, Wenhua Rd., Yingge Dist., New Taipei City 23942, Taiwan.

Telephone:+886-2-86772727,Fax: +886-2-86774034, Email:

This application can be downloaded on the website of Yingge Ceramics Museum’s