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Past Visiting Artists

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2019-CHEN Chia-Feng 陳加峯

Creative experience

Project proposal

Dialogue with myself through the environment has been my creative mode. The series of "Four Seasons Concerto" I created in 2014 to the Japanese Ceramic Art Mori Village is inspired by the wooden architecture of Todaiji Temple in Kyoto. The wood grain texture is rich and varied, and the texture is like The waves, sometimes calm and peaceful, and sometimes violent storms, are the traces and experiences of the growth of all things. I translate this temporal texture change into colorful colors and lines to explain the rhythm of operation in compliance with the natural solar terms.


In addition, the recent "Nothing Never, Nothing To Go" series is the creation of living in Taitung for the past few years, looking at the mountains and the sea every day. The natural scenery intertwined by the mountains and the sea here makes the mood calm. The fresh and unstained air makes everything present the purest nature and color, which inspires me to hear the subtle whispers of nature, and also hear myself deep in my heart. Everything is brighter and clearer. The works are based on the natural beauty of the moonlight sea and coastal rocks. The tumultuous change of ”is based on the idea, trying to show that life is always changing in the cycle of birth and death, and everything is manifested by the gathering of conditions, so you don’t need to care too much about the gains and losses in the world.


During this stay in the village, the concept of these two series of works will be continued, combining the characteristics of lines, colors, wrinkles, rocks, cracks and other works, combined with the unique texture of the mud applied to the cloth and the technique of grouting and remoulding, trying to integrate into the East The characteristics of Taiwan's food culture are presented in the form of practical utensils for daily life, hoping to develop a new pattern of ceramic utensils.

Contributions to Yingge local community

1. workshop

2. demonstration and practice

Residency outcome


donated work