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Past Visiting Artists

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2019-Celia Dowson(希莉亞·道森)

Creative experience

1. 2018 - Saint Paul’s Boys, School, Artist in Residence & Teaching

2. 2018 - China Craft Week, Hangzhou, Group Exhibition & Workshops

3. 2018 - Maud and Mabel, Exploring Porcelain’ Exhibition

4. 2018 - Royal College of Art MA, Ceramics & Glass (2yrs, Funded by QEST, Tom Helme Scholarship)

5. 2018 - London Craft Week, A Celebration of Contemporary Makers

6. 2018 - Preston Fitzgerald, Materialise Exhibition

7. 2018 - Charlotte Fraser Foundation,Charlotte Fraser Award

8. 2017 - Studio Levien, Work Placement

9. 2014 - Kite Art Studios, Ceramic Teacher & Technician (14’-2016’)

10. 2014 - Central Saint Martins, BA, Ceramic Design

Porcelain Tides, 2018, porcelain, 8 x 8.5cm, 15 x 16.5cm, 17 x 18cm, 19 x 20 cm          Porcelain Tides, 2018, porcelain, 8 x 8.5cm, 15 x 16.5cm, 17 x 18cm, 19 x 20 cm

Project proposal

Part of my creative process when designing is to fully immerse myself into an environment and its atmosphere. I then develop a collection of work which captures part of my experience through qualities of surface, form and colour. The chance to travel overseas and create work in response to a new cultural experience would be truly inspirational.


The opportunity of this residency would inspire a new body of work in response to the culture and nature of Taiwan. I intend to explore both the ceremonial aspect of food, its preparation, as well as the surrounding landscape and nature.


I would like to research the process of how local food and tea are farmed, collected, stored, the tools used and how this correlates with ritual practices. I would then translate my findings into a contemporary collection of tableware which will bringing together old and new ways of experiencing table aesthetic and dining. In this collection I will develop colour, texture & form that would capture my experience of Taiwan, and the intrinsic relationship between culture and food.


Within the studio, I want to further explore the chemistry of colour in ceramic. The opportunity to share recipes and techniques with local artists would offer a stimulating & rewarding experience. I would also like to continue my research into adding stains and oxide into a clay body developing my tonal palette to incorporate colourful blends.


This residency is really important to me because of Yingge’s ceramic history and its preservation of the craft. To have access to the museum’s vast collection will allow me to learn and develop my practice whilst also to integrate with the creative community of artists and designers. I would love the chance to design a collection which embodies the beauty of Taiwanese life through the preparation of food and drink. Living in Taiwan, exploring the country, meeting local people and experiencing new delicacies and culture would be a truly inspirational experience and an invaluable way to expand the horizons of my work.

Contributions to Yingge local community

It feels natural integrating myself into new situations when meeting local artists, designers and members of the community. Within the three month residency, I hope to make great friendships where we can share and learn about cultures and traditions.


I am passionate about teaching and have a lot of experience working with all ages, abilities and various institutions from schools, universities to private clients.


I am fascinated with industry and process and adapt traditional production techniques to make uniquely handcrafted design for the interior. I will share my method of working within different workshops open to the community appropriating mass production techniques into craftsmanship.

I will run a series of workshops which will engage casting, glazing and object design.

1.     In the casting workshop I will introduce methods of colouring clay slip with both stain and oxide and experiment with different ways of pouring and swirling to embed the colour and movement within the pieces.

2.     The glaze workshop will focus on the interrelationship of chemistry of colour. The workshops will differ according to the ability and expertise of those engaging. With children I would use pre prepared base glaze and add colour in varying quantities and combinations so an understanding of how colour is created. With adults a more indepth technical exploration would be offered, in which the components of a glaze will be experimented in a triaxle blend. The attendees would there for gain a good understanding of the different surfaces and qualities of glaze that can be achieved from particular ingredients.

3.     The final workshop will engage with the museum’s collection by initiating an interdisciplinary conversation about the works on show. We will discuss techniques and materials involved in the making and will respond in practical activity that develops a contemporary response to the work. We will focus on the technicalities of design in terms of drawing and model making, through to the making of a final piece.

Over the three months, the chance to collaborate with a local artist to make a piece of work would be an enriching experience, opening up new ways of working for both of us, and real sense of cultural collaboration.


At the end of the residency I will share my experience with friends and locals through the work I have made. Using the pieces I have made I would serve local cuisine in a ceremony that highlights the aesthetic of living and the importance of cultural exchange.

Residency outcome


donated works


Residency process