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Public art

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Wind Channel

A Secret Chamber for PeaceA Secret Chamber for Peace

A Secret Chamber for Peace

Jacques Kaufmann , 2007

The work consisted then to translate the Character “An” into a full 3 dimensions work, through the logic of the process of building with bricks. This process is made of repetition, like a meditation work, brick after brick, layer after layer, like if the peace needed this strong attention of every single moment, through time. The red color is requested through 2 levels : at first, to give more energy for “An”, secondly, to give a strong relation of the sculpture with its environment, in the park and with the surroundings of the park. The title “A Secret Chamber for Peace” is related to the logic of building the wall : during the process a secret room was created. It remains this secret place, inside each of us, which is necessary to welcome this feeling of peace.

Assaulting Normandy Ice CreamAssaulting Normandy Ice Cream

Assaulting Normandy Ice Cream

Hsu Chia-yu , 2007

The desert is used to symbolize desire. Turning ants into soldiers is both a metaphor and satire. By removing the cruelty of war, we see only a contest of desires and the reality of such absurdity. The artist believes that wars are merciless and begins with unchecked desires, which seem to reflect on the weaknesses in human nature. There have been countless wars waged for glorified causes while blatantly neglecting the suffering of victims.



Chu Fang-yi , 2007

Inspired by the relaxing quality of the home environment, the artist moved home furniture to an outdoor public space, making it “street furniture” for visitors to see home elements outdoors. The artist brings pleasant surprises from a fun perspective. With the home furniture and its environment, visitors are left with lasting impressions and experiences.

No Place Like homeNo Place Like home

No Place Like home

Doug Casebeer , 2007

This work mainly comprises red bricks and ceramic lattice, in the style of Eastern farmhouses. Inside the house are several large ceramic bowls. The bowls, the wood, and the ship symbolizes necessities of human life - food, fire, and transportation. Lastly, it has a roof of recycled metal plates. Using local materials, the artist explores the idea of being in a foreign land: No matter how far people travel, they always want to return to their sweet home.

Ying YangYing Yang

Ying Yang

Arina Ailincai , 2012

This work explores the void people drive themselves into with materialism and the effort to reach a balance between spiritual enlightenment and material affluence. The artist created a conversation between the internal and external sides of clay, rearranged body parts, and added surface patterns to the clay, thus enriching the word of artistic expressions.

Facing the WallFacing the Wall

Facing the Wall

Lai Tang-ya , 2008

The brick wall in this work was made with mud from Shihmen Dam, fired at low temperature. It forms a circular ecosystem with organism-friendly materials and allows itself to grow and wither with plants and insects, while changing its appearance with the seasons. It embodies the ideals of carbon reduction and circular economy.

Geometric Ceramic Chair Decorated with Ripple ReliefGeometric Ceramic Chair Decorated with Ripple Relief

Geometric Ceramic Chair Decorated with Ripple Relief

Deng Hui-fen , 2006

The geometric shape consists of two square and eight triangular slabs. The decoration of ripples and water drops presents the interesting geometric variation.

Nature BoyNature Boy

Nature Boy

Lin Po-yu , 2007

Humans are part of nature. Only by peacefully coexisting with everything else can we grow healthily like trees.

Ceramic illuminationCeramic illumination

Ceramic illumination

Paul Massimo Popple , 2003

Do you know who I am? Light, fire, wind, or a tree? The time wheel never stops rolling, and I still don’t know what I’m going to be at next time.

Traveling BirdTraveling Bird

Traveling Bird

Lin Po-yu , 2007

Hide my flying wings. Like the baggage while traveling. On the way of life, just see while walking.