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Public art

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Water Fount

Floating Spheres of ContinuityFloating Spheres of Continuity

Floating Spheres of Continuity

Virginia Scotchie , 2006

Fifty spheres, 30 to 78 meters in diameter, are placed in the pool in five groups. The spheres symbolize ceramic vessels, and the five groups are the art, architecture, household items, sanitation, and industrial sectors in Yingge’s ceramics industry.

Formosa - Taiwan Ceramic Road Formosa - Taiwan Ceramic Road

Formosa - Taiwan Ceramic Road

Wu Chien-Fu , 2006

The artist created this work using hand-formed ceramic plates, hand-throwing, mosaic, and painting techniques. Down the walkway, we see a display of Taiwan’s history of ceramics and the techniques involved.

Brick Sculpture GroupBrick Sculpture Group

Brick Sculpture Group

Chiu Huan-Tang , 1985

The brick is one of the most fundamental building materials in the world. The artist used standard and variety bricks to compose abstract patterns and explore the possibilities of aesthetics in spatial expansion. It is mainly a monument-like square column with localized changes at various angles.

Ceramic illuminationCeramic illumination

Ceramic illumination

Anne Coroneos , 2003

The stars and the moon were so beautiful that I climbed mountains to pursue them. Now who built a tower here and captured the boundless sky? After I climb over all obstacles, what will greet me at the peak?