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Special Exhibition

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Daily Beauty Stories-Mariya Alipieva Solo Exhibition

The exhibition proposal takes as a starting point a selection of cosmetic containers. The order of the works tries to build a narrative that focuses on the transformation of the initial forms and the graphic elements or other materials that appear and disappear on their surfaces. The alteration of these containers, designed for utility and attractiveness, metaphorically reflects the futility of many ointments purchased for the coveted “porcelain skin.” By assembling and sealing them, they become hermetic objects devoid of functionality.


Additionally, words associated with cosmetic experiences (hope, illusion, miracle, eternity, deception) are introduced, sourced from the Cambridge Dictionary. Through decomposition and repetition, these words are transformed into illegible compositions or suggestive poems, encouraging reflection on societal beauty standards and proposing alternative perspectives. The project represents the constant pursuit of perfection, starting with a multitude of white shapes until reaching the last work that no longer resembles its origin and that makes a nod to the TV beauty model of the 90s.


DateOctober, 6 (Fri.)November, 19 (Sun.), 2023

Venue: B1 Ceramics Hallway

Opening activity: 14:00, October, 6 (Fri.)