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Special Exhibition

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Archetype—Eliza Au's Ceramic Art Exhibition

Archetype—Eliza Au's Ceramic Art Exhibition

My work explores the search for solitude. I am interested in the human need for peace of mind and what physical, ornamental forms this takes. I create forms that act as lines in space and patterns which mirror and replicate each other, seemingly in a dance of artificial mitosis.

The planning and production process work in sync with each other, through CAD (computer aided design) drawings which are 3D printed and eventually translated into clay. I am interested in bringing the wireframe surface into the physical world through the processes of craft, such as plaster mold making and press molding clay. The designs I create have a close relationship to historical ornament in cathedrals, mosques and temples. Investigating how past and present architectural ornament engage in sacred space is essential to my work. The underlying structure of the polar and square grid serves as a framework to create my patterns, which are based on simple pattern motifs, such as the arabesque. Working with the wireframe structure in clay, structure and ornament become inseparable.


Date2023.08/18(Fri.) ~ 10/01(Sun.)

Opening   date:    08/18(Fri)    13:00

Venue: B1 Ceramics Hallway