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Special Exhibition

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Two Natures - Susan BEINER Solo Exhibition

Two Natures - Susan BEINER Solo Exhibition

Artist Statement:


Nature in all its complexity is a persistent and ever-changing phenomenon. I raise concerns about our fragile ecosystem of humans, animals and plants. We are surrounded by a very real and growing threat, the threat of humanity’s effect on our life-giving ecosystems. This affects every human being, but with awareness, we can all play a role to better protect our Earth and create an ecological balance between our connection to nature.


The exhibition focuses on ideas that follow us through living with nature. I utilize the chrysanthemum from historical Chinese painting in many of my works. Chrysanthemum blooms symbolized the virtue to withstand all adversities and portray geometry and strength in nature. While in contrast, the idea for NON-Biodegradable was generated from our society’s abusive pattern of overproduction and waste, where this concentration of debris sits afloat in our oceans being bleached by the sun. Surprisingly, a few floral looking forms emerge out of the pile presenting the idea of hope.


My work is influenced by how I organize the world, reimagine it in new ways and then express my experience of it. One of the most pressing concerns in nature today is how we have defaced our environment. It is through our push to control aspects of our environment that has led to our disconnect with nature. Humans idealize nature within what it has to offer, but try to control it rather than work along-side it, causing an unbalanced system. Nature is inherent randomness, a world of inspiration in delicate balance. The chaos of organic forms that emerge to create density, color and pattern intertwine and create comfort. The conflict is between controlling geometry with blooms in our gardens and the degradation of our natural ecosystem.


Soon, we will have a “new nature” caused by humans, and will have to live within it.


DateDecember 30, 2022 (Fri.) - February 19, 2023 (Sun.)

Venue: 1F Sunlight Gallery, New Taipei City Yingge Ceramics Museum

Opening activity: January 11, 2023 (Wed.)