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Ningyo:Art and Beauty of Japanese Dolls

Ningyo:Art and Beauty of Japanese Dolls


The geographic proximity of Japan to Taiwan has created opportunities over the years for mutual cooperation between the two countries through cultural exchange. Committed to strengthening international interaction and exchange, New Taipei City’s Yingge Ceramics Museum has worked with the Japan Foundation in Taiwan to present an exhibition of traditional Japanese dolls. The exhibition features 67 carefully selected ningyō dolls that epitomize Japan’s rich and time-honored doll culture, which is regarded as an essential part of the country’s cultural history.


Japan has been known as “the country of dolls” due to Japanese people’s passion for ningyōs. This has given birth to a wide variety of ningyō forms and fine ningyō craftsmanship. The materials used to make ningyōs include clay, wood, paper, and cloth in bright and varying colors. Each ningyō is not only a unique symbol of people’s spiritual sustenance and artistic appreciation, but also a reflection of their everyday lives. In modern times, some well-made ningyōs have even been placed in the genre of fine art and are revered around the world.


This exhibition introduces different types of Japanese ningyō dolls and each of their cultural backgrounds through four perspectives: "Ningyō to pray for children's growth," "Ningyō as fine art," "Ningyō as folk art," and "Spread of Ningyō culture." The exhibition will allow visitors to appreciate Japanese crafts made from different materials and the exquisite charm of traditional Japanese ningyō culture.






Date2022 July 29 (Fri.) – Sep 4 (Sun.)

VenueNew Taipei City Yingge Ceramics Museum B1 Ceramics Hallway