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Special Exhibition

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Eat up ! Hsinyi Liu Contemporary Sculpture Solo Exhibition

Eat up ! Hsinyi Liu Contemporary Sculpture Solo Exhibition

New York-based artist Hsinyi Liu creates works full of an endearing sense of fun and personal charm. Her sculptures reflect life's trials and tribulations, with a style of fashionable spontaneity. Each piece seems fantastical and surreal, without being overwrought, giving us only captivating child-like innocence.

In Taiwan, we are taught to mind others’ opinions, especially those of our loved ones. With this emotional duty, many has yielded to the demands of emotional blackmail. What Liu presents in her art is herself and her experiences. She hopes for viewers to see her works with an open mind and create texts meaningful to them individually. Through these satirical characters, we may see our weaknesses incidentally buried deep within and maintain an innocent state of mind in opposition to the world’s realities.

Date:06.10 (Fri.) ~ 07.24 (Sun.)

Venue: B1 Ceramics Hallway