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Special Exhibition

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2021 Taiwan Ceramics Awards


Taiwan Ceramics Awards, organized by New Taipei City Government in the spirit of recognizing role models, creating the future, enriching the present, and is aimed to promote ceramic art and take it to a new level. The Excellence Award, The Creative Award, The Functional Award and The Emerging Award are launched to further vitalize and broaden the horizons of Taiwan's development of ceramics.






New Taipei City Government

Executive Organizers:

Cultural Affairs Department, New Taipei City Government, New Taipei City Yingge Ceramics Museum Taiwan Ceramics Awards is established to follow the spirit of “recognizing role models, creating the future, and enriching the present.” The four award, which include the Excellence Award, the Creative Award, the Utilitarian Award, and The Emerging Award are launched to further vitalize Taiwan’s development of ceramics and broaden the horizons for the art form and the industry. With the Taiwan Ceramics Awards, we acknowledge the achievements and contributions by the forebears of Taiwan’s ceramic arts and ceramic industry while discovering new forms, techniques, styles from ceramic artists, offering them an arena to demonstrate their talents, so that they become better prepared for realizing their dreams and bringing Taiwan’s ceramics to the rest of the world.

3F Special Exhibition Rooms, 1F Sunlight Gallery, Ceramics Park 

3F Special Exhibition Rooms 2022.4.1-9.11

1F Sunlight Gallery 2022.4.1-5.15

Ceramics Park 2021.12.17-2022.7.3 



 The Excellence Award HSU Yung-Hsu 


Our first Excellence Award winner HSU Yung-Hsu will be showing 47 pieces (set) of his artworks that recalls his ceramic journey. HSU started his career as ceramic artist at the age of 43, as he attempts to “expand the scope of life before his body is engulfed by illness,” this motivation to create stems from the long term pain that he suffers from. For more than 20 years, his practice has evolved from single objects to installations that create dialogues with space, he applies pinching and coiling techniques that requires a high investment of labor and personal feelings in his work. His large scale sculptures surpasses the challenges the body, technique, and firing limitations which overturns our narrow vision of ceramic art. 


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 The Creative Awards

The Creative Award is established to encourage professional growth and creativity of ceramic practice in anticipation of promoting ceramic art through showcasing high quality artworks. This year we have selected 1 Grand Prize winner, 3 High Distinction Awards, 2 Recommendation Awards, and 25 Finalists. The Grand Prize artwork, Rebirth from the Falling: Pantropical Spotted Dolphin created by WANG Yi-Ting, attempts to express ecological destructions through animal fossils. These ceramic fossils not only symbolizes the consequences that we need to confront, but also incorporates the rebirth of new life. WANG has attended a lecture on the dissection process of pantropical spotted dolphins, this knowledge has led her to understand the environmental impact that humans has caused and therefore, she uses clay, silica, and crystalline surfaces to create fossils of a “Whale Fall” that articulates the circle of life through artistic expression. 

 Grand Prize:WANG Yi-Ting

High Distinction Award:HSU Hsu-Lun, HUANG Yu-Yang, LAI Yi-Ting

Recommendation Award:HSU Wang-Ling, HSU Chiung-Wen

Finalists:YOU Ya-Rong, WANG An-Pei, WU Mi, SUNG Lee, TU Yu-Chieh, CHOU Hui-Lin, LIN Huan-Teng, HONG Jhan-Jhu, KAO Lien-Hsiu, CHANG Yu-Mei, CHANG Yu-Lin , CHANG Li-Chuan, CHEN Zi-Yun, CHEN Chia-Feng, CHEN Chun-Chieh, CHEN Hsiao-Chun, PENG Fei-Jung, TUNG Pin-Yuan, HUANG Wei-Chien, YANG Wei , LIU Yi-Tang, Liu Chi-Wen, TSAI Pei Ting, TSAI Meng-Ju, LAI Yi-Lun


 The Functional Award

The Functional Award encourages to present functional ceramics that are inspired from daily life, these artworks need to be equipped with modern day aesthetics and unique styles. This year, we have selected 1 Grand Prize winner, 3 High Distinction Awards, 2 Recommendation Awards, and 25 Finalists. The Grand Prize winner, Huang,Wei-Chien, created the The Rhythm of Jatiwangi which she used clay to create a musical instrument, this ceramic ukulele was inspired by her residency experience in Indonesia. HUANG employed the elements of the Indonesian kiln factory in her work, which also infuses the memories and emotions of her stay there. The ceramic ukulele not only provide unique musical sounds that recalls her past experience, but also a creative and functional piece that pioneers a path for innovation in the ceramic field.

Grand Prize:HUANG Wei-Chien

High Distinction Award:NAKAI Yumiko, CHOU Hui-Lin, LIN Lung-Chieh

Recommendation Award:LIN Lung-Chieh, CHOU Yi-Po, JHONG Jing-Ping, PAN Chun-Pi

Finalists:DING You-Yu, WANG Miao-Shu, WU Ming-Yi, LU Chiao-Chih, LI Yu-Ting, LEE Shan-Yin, TU Yu-Chieh, LIN Guan-Hong(FU-Chin), CHOU Wen-Chun, LIN Chu-Li, LIN Chih-Pin, HOU Hun-Ting, HUNG Mei-Line, Sun Fu-Sheng, CHUANG Jin-Wei , KUO Chih-Shiung, CHEN Xi-Hung, CHEN Chin-Wang, CHEN Jui-Yu, CHEN Chi-Sheng, HUANG Ming-Wen, YANG Deng-Ming, YEH Ching-En , LIU Tzu-Yu, TSAI Jung-Tsung    


 The Emerging Award

The Emerging Award promotes the ceramic practices of the new generation, it encourages young artists to show their talents through creative proposals that include artist’s statement, techniques, display, ceramic textures and mix media to showcase the creativity of the new ceramic generation. This year we have selected two Emerging Award winners.

DING You-Yu: his practice is influenced by traditional sacrificial vessel where he redefines the value of modern vessels and employ these vessels as information carriers, this is a carrier that is different from text and explores the possibilities of expression and spirituality.

CHEN Shao-Yi: her work combines 2D narratives with 3D sculptures; she is inspired by the various feelings from daily life in which she collages unrelated events together to create a fantasy world. 


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