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Special Exhibition

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2021 International Coffee Cup Competition

What kind of sparks will be created when a timeless material meets a widely loveddrink?Coffee has become an inseparable part of modern life; and coffee cups, an essential element of daily decoration. The versatility and intriguing texture of ceramic have made ceramic cups remain to be many people’s first choice for savoring coffee.

The 2021 International Coffee Cup Competition organized by the Yingge Ceramics Museum carries the spirit of Ceramics New Product Awards over the years and encourages the creation of practical ceramics. The museum calls for coffee cups which are integral to everyday life and we invites experts in various fields to select 50 uniquely designed coffee cups out of the 210 entries from 30 countries based on their form aesthetics, practical value, and design philosophy.

Through the competition, the museum hopes to continue to promote the life aesthetics of ceramic art, so that ceramics not only can be appreciated and collected as a piece of art, but also can be used and enjoyed in day-to-day life.