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Ceramic Figures: A Microcosm of Life

Ceramic Figures: A Microcosm of Life

Humans have used the resources on the earth to collect food, to grow crops, and to build settlements since the earliest times. Humans have formed consciousness and civilizations on this earth. However, human development and industrialization have taken their toll on the natural world as time evolves. Human activities have caused environmental problems such as greenhouse effect, marine pollution, food shortage and desertification.


Facing those environmental changes and unexpected events, people begin to change their thinking. They make all efforts to address challenges. They reflect on the past. They hope that things will go back to their familiar normal after all the turmoil.


Ceramic Figures: A Microcosm of Life” takes the concept of “life is a journey” and leads the viewers to experience the change of times and the inseparability of humans and the environment through ceramic figurines. The exhibition hopes to convey a message that all the scenery along the way will lead to destinations where people live every day with a smile.