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Special Exhibition

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Nothingness & Substance: LIN Wen-Hsuan’s Ceramic Art Exhibition

Nothingness & Substance: LIN Wen-Hsuan’s Ceramic Art Exhibition

This collection of works was created with the theme of “Nothingness & Substance.”Nothingness” is the essence of life perceived by the artist through her experiences in creating ceramic art, while “Substance” is an expression of clay as a material and as proof of life that existed.

The artist believes that neither clay nor life has a fixed shape. All must return to the earth in the end. Thus, she began to try to remove human influence from ceramic art, attempting to create equality between the artist and the viewer through ceramic art without technique, so as to explore “Nothingness & Substance.”

In the “Shape of Memories” series, clay and fibers were designed to be pulled down by gravity in the kiln, achieving one of the core elements of these works. In the “Time in the Kiln” series, on the other hand, the space inside the kiln was translated into the shape of the works. In her recent work, “A Specimen of Home,” the nest-building instinct of wasps was incorporated. The nest was fired at 1230 degrees to preserve a moment of life. The theme of “Nothingness & Substance” is explored through these three series of observations from different periods.

Date:2022.1.28 (Fri.) - 2022.3.13 (Sun.)

Venue: B1 Ceramics Hallway