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Public art

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Fire Arena

Taiwan IsTaiwan Is

Taiwan Is

Alexis Gregg , Tanner Coleman , 2012

The artist was inspired by the instability facing Taiwan. Bricks, tiles, cement, and steel were used to interpret Taiwan’s historical and social phenomena.

Name of Bench : FirewoodName of Bench : Firewood

Name of Bench : Firewood

Ko-yu Chang , 2007

Camphor wood and Chinese silver grass are interwoven to create an intricate pattern that carry the meaning of passing the torch. By recreating the pattern from memory, this work invokes the life and work of our ancestors.

Sculpture Klin of No.8Sculpture Klin of No.8

Sculpture Klin of No.8

Nina Hole , 2001

A house in the kiln and a kiln in the house - the roof is my camouflage, under which my heart dwells. If you want to open my doors, whisper to me your intentions.

Ceramic illuminationCeramic illumination

Ceramic illumination

Martina Zwolfer , 2003

Please do not look at me through the crack because the legend of the triangle did not start here. What else do you want to see? You will not be able to handle the gorgeous colors.

Name of Bench : WavesName of Bench : Waves

Name of Bench : Waves

Chun-ting Hou , 2007

An undulating ceramic brick formation simulates water waves. With different shades of green, this work creates boundless light, as if it is an unending stream.