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Earth Passage

Square KilnSquare Kiln

Square Kiln

Square Kilns were introduced in Taiwan during Japanese rule and symbolize the modernization of the ceramics industry. However, they have almost completely disappeared in Taiwan. This square kiln has a traditional structure fitted with gas, diesel, and wood firing capabilities. It is available to professionals for events and courses.

Oven PizzaOven Pizza

Oven Pizza

The wood-fired kiln in Earth Passage is operated by a pizzeria, offering limited items on holidays and during events. Reservations for pizza-making classes are also available. For opening hours, refer to on-site announcement. For further information, call the pizzeria owner Ms. Dong at 0985-748752 or consult the Ceramics Academy website.

Old Kiln AreaOld Kiln Area

Old Kiln Area

The transformation of Taiwan’s ceramics industry is closely related to the types of kilns being used. The Hoffmann kiln, square kiln, and dome kiln featured as models in this area are prominent kiln types for Taiwan’s ceramics industry.

Anagama Kiln

Anagama kilns are a kind of traditional wood-fired kiln, introduced in Taiwan in late Ming and early Qing Dynasty. Anagama kilns are fueled with firewood and bamboo. They are horizontal-firing kilns, with its hearth below ground level. This type of kilns is mostly used to produce household items.

Hand-throwing Classes

Hand-throwing classes at the Museum accepts on-site registration on holidays and during events. For class scheduling, refer to on-site announcements. Group reservations (20 people or above) are accepted on weekdays. Material fee is NT$150 per person. Glazing, painting, and shipping are charged separately.