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Living Clay- Johnson Tsang Solo Exhibition

1F Sunlight Gallery
Hong Kong-based ceramicist Johnson Tsang won the Grand Prize of the 2012 Taiwan Ceramics Biennale with his outstanding artwork Splash of Wonder and was given the opportunity to put on a solo exhibition at the Yingge Ceramics Museum.

A world-renowned ceramic artist who has won numerous international ceramic competitions, Tsang has dedicated himself to ceramic creation for over two decades. He is known for presenting insightful interpretations of social issues through the jocular and amusing appearance of his artwork. He redefines people's understanding of ceramic materials and meaning by instilling life into artwork with skillful hand-building and wheel-throwing techniques.

This exhibition showcases 29 of Tsang's most celebrated ceramic works, which encompass such wide-ranging themes as social, environmental and anti-war issues. They present Tsang's deepest contemplation of humans' internal emotions and self-contradictions. Tsang’s artwork often depicts realistic themes such as water, in which he captures the moment of suspended, splashed, or flowing liquid with lifelike sculptures. He is also known for his realistic depiction of infants' innocent, yet rich facial expressions and postures. Built and sculptured with a great sense of humor, Tsang's ceramic works are in fact metaphors of his own personal concerns. They are also reflections and satires of the human condition. Realized through his extraordinary sense of imagination and creativity, Tsang's Solo Exhibition exemplifies the perfect marriage between ceramic form and meaning, creating a breath-taking and eye-opening experience for audiences of all ages.
Who Did It?
Talking to Me
Looking for Me
Splash of Wonder XII
"I Luv U Mom" and"I Luv U Dad"
Open Mind
Ups and Down
Storm in My Bowl
The Wall
A Painful Pot
Next Generation of War
Heal the World
Bowls of Fantasy
The Kiss
Table for 2
Lifetime Partner
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